Kilroy is a 4-Piece Rock Band Covering Some of the Great Classics From the 70s Through Today



Mick Heath (Lead Vocals)


 I was born in England and raised in a very music filled household with some of my relatives being stage or theater entertainers.   I began singing and played locally in pubs and clubs throughout England, and later toured US and British military bases. 

In 1993 I made the life changing move to the United States and have had the pleasure of playing many different types of music and venues.  It is a true pleasure to be part of the Kilroy family, and there's nothing I love more than seeing a crowd of people having a great night because of the music we play! 

I invite you to come on the journey with us!  Let's make some lasting memories together...Cheers and see you at the show!

Ruben Cornejo (Lead Guitar / Vocals)

I picked the guitar up at age 11, and my uncle taught me two chords (C&G) that were part of a Beatle's song.  I was floored!  I dug up an old acoustic guitar my sister never used and I was off running.  I was self taught on the guitar, and somehow quickly developed an ear for being able to figure out chords.  At 16, I bought my first electric guitar - a 1965 Gretsch Tennessean.  Soon after that i was playing bits and pieces of lead and rhythm guitar from various songs.  

When learning those faster licks and leads, I bought a used album of the song I wanted to learn, and played it on our old record player at 16rpm...a little crude, but effective!  At the time I'm sure nobody could really tell what I was playing, and frankly, probably thought I sucked!  It didn't matter.  I knew I it felt good hitting some of those licks I loved hearing on the radio.  Haven't grown up much since those days, but I like to think my guitar playing has improved!

Tom Rebstock (Bass / Vocals)

I  began my music career playing in heavy metal bands throughout the 1980s.  Playing covers throughout most of the popular clubs in the Milwaukee area, I continued to play music into the 1990s, when I  finally hung up my bass to tend to "life".  

With a passion for music and a love for playing, I began playing years later, and played with a number of local projects before landing with Kilroy, which is turning out to be the best band I've been a part of. 

My favorite thing about playing is seeing the live crowd having fun and dancing.  If that happens, it makes all the hard work worth it!  

Mike Walisiewicz (Drums / No Vocals)

I started playing drums when I was about 18 years old, after hearing some old recordings of my dad playing in a local band back in his day.  I have a love of music that is anchored in the 80s, but love anything that can get a crowd moving while we are playing. I had to stop playing for a while when I was in my 20s, but picked the drums back up at was hard to get started again! 

Kilroy was my first attempt at putting a band together, and it has far surpassed any expectations I may have had.  I consider myself lucky to sit behind the drum kit with such talented musicians in front of me.  One thing that I love about this band is that it is more than 4 musicians, we are friends and consider ourselves a band family.

My favorite part about playing is meeting new people, and putting on a show for those who took their time out to come see us.  These past 4 years with Kilroy have been great, and now that we are up and running again, I can't wait to see what happens next!