The Office of Institutional Analytics (OIA) is the source for official reporting and aggregated data at mini传媒入口-Gallup (mini传媒入口). Official reports and datasets generated by OIA are used for federal compliance reporting, state reporting, and internal recordkeeping and analytics. These reports and visualizations are used by students, faculty, staff, and administrators at mini传媒入口, as well as by the media and the general public. 

Information on student enrollments and demographics for Main Campus, Health Sciences Center, and the four branch campuses can be found in our Factbook and  sections. 

Aggregated information on faculty and staff at mini传媒入口 and its branch campuses is in the Faculty and Staff sections of the Factbook. 

You may also find useful information in our Common Data Set, , and  dashboard. 

Our data dictionary defines and clarifies terms and variables found within all of these reports and dashboards. 

***Reports requiring individual-level student data can be requested from mini传媒入口's Division of Enrollment Management .***

OIA Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion 

The Office of Institutional Analytics is committed to the responsible, inclusive, and ethical use of data and analysis. We recognize that data plays a significant role in representation and access, and we strive to provide accurate and timely information that can enhance the lives of our diverse university community.


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Monte-Angel Richardson, Institutional Researcher
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