'Red Mesa Review' publishes 2023 digital edition

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mini传媒入口-Gallup literary arts journal now accepting submissions for 2024 edition

By Richard Reyes, Wednesday, Jan. 3, 2024

GALLUP, N.M. 鈥 The 2023 digital edition of 鈥淩ed Mesa Review,鈥 the literary arts journal of mini传媒入口-Gallup, has been published online and is now available to read.

鈥淩ed Mesa Review鈥 features poetry, short fiction and essays by various authors and voices in the West Central Plateau and Four Corners region. The digital edition is currently available on the mini传媒入口-Gallup website, and physical copies are expected to be available in January.

鈥淚 think readers can expect some great writing from some really unique perspectives, representing contemporary and timeless issues from the community鈥檚 eyes,鈥 Dr. Keri Stevenson, a mini传媒入口-Gallup associate professor and member of the Red Mesa Collective, said about the latest edition of the journal.

The Red Mesa Collective compiles, edits and produces 鈥淩ed Mesa Review鈥 on an annual basis.

Stevenson added, 鈥淚 hope readers will enjoy the sense to hear voices from the Gallup campus and community speaking about their own experiences, which tend to be marginalized in the world as a whole.鈥

The collective is now accepting submissions for the 2024 edition.

Writers can submit poetry, short fiction (including flash fiction and short stories), and essays (including memoir and creative nonfiction). The deadline to submit is April 1, 2024.

鈥淎s an English faculty member, I believe it's important to showcase the work of our students, colleagues, and the community at large,鈥 Dr. Yi-Wen Huang, a mini传媒入口-Gallup professor and member of the Red Mesa Collective, said.

Stevenson said people should submit their work for the 鈥淩ed Mesa Review鈥 to gain the chance to express their ideas and creativity.

鈥淚 think too often creative writing gets ignored because it鈥檚 such a private activity, and it can be intimidating for beginning writers to send their poetry or stories to journals,鈥 Stevenson said. 鈥淩MR provides a more relaxed and friendly place to bring it to other people鈥檚 notice.鈥

鈥淩ed Mesa Review鈥 has been a literary publication of mini传媒入口-Gallup since 1992. It has gone through many changes over the years, but its mission has remained the same, according to Dr. Carmela Lanza, a professor at mini传媒入口-Gallup and fellow member of the Red Mesa Collective.

鈥淚t is a vehicle to celebrate creativity, imagination, and voice,鈥 Lanza has said previously.

To read the latest edition of 鈥淩ed Mesa Review鈥 and learn how to submit your work for the 2024 edition, please visit: gallup.unm.edu/redmesareview