Our Mission

Our mission is to help students in a collective peer tutoring environment that inspires them to ask questions and take ownership of their learning. We are in alignment with the mini传媒入口-Gallup mission statement to provide all students the opportunity to “achieve their educational and professional goals in a context of respect for the traditions and values of the many groups it serves.

Program Goals

Student Centered. CAL will provide an environment that encourages engagement in the learning process while empowering students to utilize their unique skills, knowledge, and talents in meeting course goals.

Faculty Collaboration. CAL will continuously foster a collaborative relationship with faculty, encouraging students and staff to work closely with instructors in meeting course expectations and strengthening student learning.

Community Involvement. CAL will embrace the diverse community of Gallup and its surrounding areas by participating in activities that bring community members together in a respectful and culturally sensitive manner.

Core Values

  • All mini传媒入口-G students seeking academic assistance with writing, reading, math, and science are entitled to free tutoring services.
  • We will be friendly, professional, and will treat fellow students, faculty, administrators, and staff with respect.
  • Sessions at the CAL will be constructive and cooperative.
  • All of our coaches and staff members will be sensitive to students about their academic abilities, and we will provide an environment where students may feel at ease and confident in their learning.
  • CAL coaches and staff members will respect their time with the student. It is also important that students come prepared and on time.
  • The methods employed by CAL coaches and staff members will be evaluated frequently to ensure that we are effective and innovative.
  • We respect confidentiality and will not disclose personal information of our clientele, staff, or anyone else affiliated with CAL.
  • We honor and respect diversity by creating a safe and inclusive place for individuals of different backgrounds, including differences in culture, race, class, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and educational backgrounds.

CAL summer hours:

8 a.m. - 5 p.m.


CAL Office
(505) 863-7689


Gurley Hall 2205/2210